Misfit Mods Lite is a spectacular build for Kodi from the Misfit repository. Many blogs specializing in Kodi addons have named it Kodi Build of the year for two years in a row. If looking for an awesome Kodi build, Misfit Mods Lite fits beautifully on an Amazon Firestick.

Most popular Kodi builds, especially those intended for the Firestick and Fire TV, are quite lightweight. The size of a build depends on its skin (number and size of images) and the add-ons it installs. Don’t let the smaller size of Misfit Mods Lite build scare you off, though. This is far from the smallest build, yet quite lacking in dead fluff found in many even smaller Kodi builds. This great build packs a wallop for its small size and will turn your Firestick or Fire TV into a powerhouse media center that looks fantastic.

sports network channels and live tv stations in misfit mods lite kodi 18 build

Loads of Live Streaming Network TV Channels

Within the Misfit Mods Build Wizard, you will also find other solid builds for Kodi. Many of these builds make a great choice if installing onto a PC or Android TV box with more memory.

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Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build TV Addons

The Misfit Mods Lite Kodi build features a great collection of video addons. Frequently updated with the latest working Kodi add-ons, all of the Misfit Mods builds are extremely functional at finding free video streams online. Every addon included finds tons of working streams and delivers them in style.

odin upcoming movie releases in misfit mods lite 18 build for kodi

Upcoming Movie Releases – Be The First!

Some of the greatest Kodi addons working today along with the great multiple M3U playlist IPTV giant Playlist Loader are included in Misfit Mods builds.

  • Deathstar
  • SportsDevil
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Gridiron Legends
  • The Loop
  • Rising Tides
  • The Crew
  • Odin
  • Fen
  • cCloud TV
  • Kids Club
  • The Endzone

The sports sections alone contain all the best working sports addons for Kodi. Inside, you’ll find SportsDevil, which should come as no surprise. Any sports section in a Kodi build must have SportsDevil, as many other addons rely upon it for their sports streams and other functions.

This build also includes some of the best sports addons dealing in live and replay action out there right now such as The Loop and Gridiron Legends addons. The Misfit Mods builds team has really done a nice job on the sports coverage in their builds.

live streaming sports networks

Live Streaming Sports Networks

Required Before Misfit Mods Kodi Builds Installation

Since the release of version 17 of Kodi (Krypton), the XBMC Foundation and Kodi development teams have required the adjustment of a system setting to prove you understand your own intention to use third-party addons. Check our Enable Unknown Sources guide to make Kodi accept the installation of unofficial (third-party) addons. Without the intentional enablement of unknown sources in Kodi’s settings, Kodi refuses to allow installation of Misfit Mods Wizard repo or any of the addons it contains. Once you’ve done that, you can access any of the best Kodi repos filled with many of the greatest working addons developed by the Kodi third-party community!

How to Install Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build

How to Install Misfit Mods Builds Wizard Repo Source Location

  1. Within the Kodi app, click the Settings icon, which looks like a gear cog above the main menu. kodi settings menu item icon
    how to install misfit mods lite build on firestick

    Click or Tap the Kodi Main Menu System (Gear Cog) Icon

  2. Enter the File Manager directory.
    click file manager to begin kodi misfit mods builds wizard repository install

    Misfit Mods Lite Install Begins in Kodi File Manager

  3. Click on Add Source.
    add source for misfit mods builds wizard repository

    Click to Add Source for Misfit Mods Build Wizard Repo

  4. Within the pop-up dialog, click <None> to provide Kodi with a custom source location.
    misfit mods builds repo custom source

    Click None to Input Custom Misfit Mods Repo URL

  5. Type http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo into the source text field.
    misfit mods kodi build repo source url

    Enter Custom Misfit Mods Wizard Repo Media Location

  6. Name this repository source mm, check for typos, then click OK.
    misfit mods lite kodi build repo source name

    Name Misfit Mods Wizard Repo Media Location and Save

How to Install Misfit Repo

  1. Back at the Kodi Settings screen, click the Add-ons browser entrance tile.
    install misfit mods lite build on kodi

    Kodi 18 Leia Add-ons Browser

  2. Choose Install from Zip file.
    click for misfit mods repo zip file installation in kodi 18 leia

    Install Misfit Mods Wizard Repo From Zip File

  3. Select the mm source installed earlier.
    misfit mods lite build wizard media location

    Misfit Mods Wizard Repo Media Source

  4. Then, choose the repository.misfitmods.zip file to install from.
    misfit mods lite kodi build

    Open Misfit Mods Repository Zip File

  5. Within a few moments, you will get a dialog popping up letting you know misfit mods: Repository Add-on installed.
    misfit mods lite wizard repo installed

    Misfit Mods Repository Installed

How to Install Misfit Mods Builds Wizard

  1. Once misfit mods repository is installed, choose to Install from repository.
    how to get the misfit mods wizard installed on kodi

    Install Misfit Mods Wizard From Repository

  2. In the options provided, choose misfit mods: Repository.
    misfit mods lite repository

    Enter Misfit Mods Repo

  3. In the Program Add-ons directory, select the Misfit Mods Wizard for installation.
    misfit mods lite kodi wizard

    Misfit Mods Wizard Installer

  4. Click on the Install button.
    install misfit mods wizard

    Misfit Mods Wizard Install Button

  5. Misfit Wizard Add-on installed notification.
    misfit mods wizard installed

    Misfit Mods Wizard Installed

How to Install Misfit Mod Lite Build

  1. Open Misfit Mods Wizard if it doesn’t open automatically. You can find it in the Kodi Program Add-ons.
    misfit mods builds kodi

    Misfit Mods Wizard in Kodi Program Add-ons

  2. Upon first running the Misfit Mods Wizard, you’ll be greeted by a few dialogs to click through. These include an initial dialog for saving or cleaning out preferred settings by enabling your choices. I suggest at least keeping your Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv settings intact.
    misfit mods lite 18 install from kodi wizard

    Misfit Mods Wizard First Run

  3. Click the “Builds” menu item within the wizard. You’ll see many builds here waiting to be installed. Scroll down to Misfit Mods Lite then click the “Install” button on the right. The video below may explain this best…

    Note there are two install options. I suggest installing any build on a fresh install of Kodi, therefor I only need the “Install” button. If you have add-ons installed already, it may be better to choose the “Fresh Install” option to wipe your Kodi installation clean before installing the Misfit Mods Lite build. You can also follow our guide to cleaning up your Kodi install before putting Misfit Mods Lite onto your Firestick, Mac, or Windows PC.
  4. Confirm your intention to download and install the Misfit Mods Lite 18 Kodi build.
    misfit mods lite 18 build install confirmation

    Are You Certain You Want Free Movies & TV Shows?

  5. Wait while the Misfit Mods Lite build downloads on Kodi. The server isn’t super fast, but the download is a small one.
    misfit mods lite kodi build download

    Misfit Mods Lite 18 Download

  6. Watch the build install all those addons in the blink of an… well, in a minute or so with no errors.
    misfit mods lite 18 build install

    Misfit Mods Lite 18 Build Installs

  7. Once the build download and initial installation completes, you should get the option to Force Close Kodi or Reload the Profile. Choose to Force Cloase Kodi to give your new build a better chance at taking over the user interface from Kodi. The next time you start Kodi, the Misfit Mods Lite build will need a bit of time to construct its menu system and update everything. Try to give it about 10 minutes, but at least 3 minutes to get itself situated for you.
    install misfit mods lite kodi build

    Misfit Mods Lite 18 Install on Windows 10 PC

That’s it! Fire up and connect with your Surfshark VPN app to enjoy your new Misfit Mods Lite Kodi build. Just make certain you give the Misfit Mods Lite 18 build a few minutes to fully flesh out its menus and addons before navigating through all the movies, TV shows, and sports it finds available online for free.

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use misfit mods lite anonymously

Best VPN for Kodi Users

Misfit Mods Lite 18 Kodi Build

With this gorgeous build installed on your streaming device, you have access to entertainment online of all types.


The sports coverage in Misfit Mods builds is spectacular. Their Lite build did not leave any sports action out. Whether you just want to catch up on the latest scoreboards or watch a game going on right now, Misfit Mods has you covered in their Lite 18 build. Oh, and the highlight reels and sports movies available should tide you over until the next live sports match.

Live Television

Network TV channels from around the world (especially the USA and UK markets) are available in the Misfit Mods Lite build for Kodi. You can get local news coverage on the scene and live from many regions… most likely including your own. Watching cable network television channels streaming live is easy as pie with this powerful Kodi build.

Music Videos

The user interface of this build makes checking out music videos a great experience. You can organize and collect your favorite music into albums or playlists, then set them to play through your next party non-stop.

Movies & TV Series

This is really where Kodi shines, and the Misfit Mods crew do not disappoint here. You can watch any movie or TV show you want… and discover some new favorites you may have never heard of. You may actually be surprised by all the premium paid subscription service selections available in this build, such as those from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

netflix misfit mods lite kodi 18 build

Enjoy Misfit Mods Lite Kodi 18 Build!

Other Favored Kodi Builds

Last Word on Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build

The Misfit Mods Lite 18 Kodi build provides the best working addons available. Get it on your Firestick with room to spareand enjoy streaming live TV, including sports and news coverage. You can also listen to and watch music videos in style!

This top Kodi build should give you no problems if kept updated. Just make sure to only use it with your Surfshark VPN app on and connected and…

May your streams never run dry!

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