AppValley is a mobile app installer you can download and install on most iPad/iPhone or Android devices.

The AppValley VIP Edition is a new cracked app store exclusively for hacked iOS games and apps. The VIP version of the store allows you to download and install cracked apps, tweaks, games and utilities. Use it with ease to install apps whose certificates have been revoked.

In this step-by-step MTM tutorial, I show you how to download and install Appvalley onto an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Please note that the process is different for Android and iOS devices. With AppValley installed on your preferred device, you will have access to thousands of apps not available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Is App Valley safe to use?

It is 100% safe and secure to use in certain regions. MTM readers are global, so check the laws in your area and always make sure to have your VPN turned on (Virtual Private Network) to stay safe and secure while online. Also, install the Anti Revoke app along with Appvalley to solve any crashing problems that may occur. AppValley is basically designed for iOS users.

AppValley hosts applications that have been tweaked or modified for user preference similar to TweakBox. Many find that they no longer need the original after installing these apps.

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AppValley is full of updated apps including games, paid apps, and more

Kodi is one of the most popular downloads available within AppValley. To stream free movies and TV shows, Kodi really can’t be beaten.

Learn how to install Kodi on iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone via TweakBox easily. Check our Install Kodi on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak article to get the most popular free movie and TV streaming app for any platform installed on your iOS device.

By installing Kodi on iOS through AppValley or TweakBox, you will also get access to numerous other apps to stream free content on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Note that if you’d like to install Kodi on Android devices, or on FireOS devices such as the Amazon Firestick, our Kodi Install Guide is a great place to start.

Install AppValley on iPhone/iPad

Follow this step by step instructional guide to show you How To Install AppValley on an iPhone 6S (list other versions?).
(In this tutorial, iOS 11.4 is being used. Steps may differ for those with other iOS versions.)

  1. Within the Safari Browser on your iOS device, go to
  2. Then, click Install AppValley.
  3. Click Install when prompted.
  4. Return to the iPhone home screen, then wait for the download of AppValley app to finish.
  5. Once download finishes, click to Open the app.
  6. Next, you will see a message titled “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Make a note of the developer name and click Cancel.
  7. Open Settings found on the home screen and then click General.
  8. Then, scroll to find Profiles & Device Management and click on it.
  9. Click text below Enterprise App.
  10. Next, click Trust “Shenzhen Yunxun Technology Co” or the other developer name shown in Step 6.
  11. When prompted, Click Trust again.

Once AppValley installation is complete you’ll gain access to the app on your home screen. Browse and enjoy all that AppValley has to offer.

Reminder: To install AppValley you must use the Safari Browser. If using another browser, you may encounter an “AppValley Could Not be Installed at This Time” message. Check or switch your browser and re-try if receiving this message.

Install AppValley on Android Devices

Installing AppValley on an Apple iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone is fairly simple. Downloading AppValley on Android devices is even easier.

To install AppValley on your Android device follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. On your Android mobile device, go to the setting tab and enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Then, visit the AppValley APK download site (APK Pure) by following the provided link here:
  3. Next, click Download APK.
  4. Now use the file manager to install the APK file.
  5. Then, when prompted to install the application, click Install.
  6. Wait for the download to complete.

How To Use AppValley

Once App Valley is installed on your device, you see the many categories made available for your gaming and streaming pleasure.

Getting Rid of Ads

One thing about using AppValley may annoy you: the ads. Simply click the Skip button found in the bottom right of any ad that pops up to exit out of it.

Installing Free Apps from AppValley

While exploring and searching AppValley, click on any app that seems interesting. You will see information on the app size, version, and more. If still interested in trying it out, download and install the app by clicking on the GET button. It’s that easy!

Please note: Clear enough storage space prior to installing any app from AppValley. To check your available storage space on an Apple device, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > General > About.
  2. Next to Available is your storage space accounting.

App Categories Within AppValley

Within AppValley, you’ll find the available apps divided into five categories. These are Today, Games, Apps, Updates, & Search. It’s easy to use these categories to find new apps for your iPhone or your Android device.

Today on AppValley

The category named Today is a wonderful tool. In this section, you can find featured and all-new apps that may interest you. Often, it is packed full with app recommendations.

A sub-category even exists featuring tons of great apps specifically for jailbroken devices. Jailbreaking an iPhone isn’t needed to use most of the apps found in the store. The apps in this section give extended functionality you can only find with jailbreaking, though.

AppValley Games

The Games category features tons of awesome gaming apps that are typically not in the Google Play or Apple App Stores. These include modified or tweaked games and some paid options as well. The most popular of these are Angry Birds 2+, NBA 2K18, Pokemon GO Hack, Candy Crush Saga, and more.

AppValley Apps

You’ll find Tweaked and Paid/Other categories in the Apps section of AppValley.

Tweaked Apps

Tweaked Apps are applications usually available in various other App Stores. The versions found in AppValley have typically been modified for a better streaming experience. The apps are given a Tweaked title when they receive added content, the elimination of ads, or other improvements.

Paid Apps and Other

Applications that you would typically pay for are offered for free in the Paid Apps section of AppValley. This Category features tons of awesome options. The Paid Apps area is undoubtedly the most popular category in the app store.

Kodi, YouTube++, SnapChat++, Spotify++, Twitter++, Pandora++, Movie HD, and Twitch++ are some of the most notable apps included in AppValley.

AppValley Updates

The most recent versions of these apps are found in the “Updates” category. Check this category often to receive the most up-to-date AppValley apps for an awesome streaming experience.

May your streams never run dry!

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